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Want to Get an Embroidered Pet Portrait? Here’s the First Step [Brown Paper Stitch Dispatch]

Sketching a Pet Portrait on Procreate App

This article is brought to you by Brown Paper Stitch, my business that makes your wardrobe pawesome by embroidering your pets on clothing.

When the 2020 hol­i­days had passed, I thought that I might get some down­time to tack­le some of my goals for Brown Paper Stitch this year. (New prod­uct devel­op­ment, for instance.) But ever since the begin­ning of Jan­u­ary rolled around, I’ve been busy with cus­tom work. I’m elat­ed that this is the case. I love work­ing on cus­tom projects and devel­op­ing por­traits of your pets.

But it hasn’t yield­ed much to show at the moment, and I dis­like show­ing my embroi­deries in progress when there isn’t much thread and it’s hard to tell what it is I’m stitch­ing. So, I thought I’d give you a lit­tle more insight into the sketch­ing phase of a cus­tom order—the first step in cre­at­ing your pet portrait!

Digital Pet Portrait by Brown Paper Stitch

Some­times, the col­or is off. Here’s an exam­ple of a tweak I made.

I’m for­mal­ly trained as an illus­tra­tor, and in the illus­tra­tion process, you will typ­i­cal­ly sub­mit a sketch to a client. They will offer their com­ments. Maybe your sketch looks great! Or, maybe there are a few tweaks need­ed. If the lat­ter is the case, then there are sketch revi­sions that take place with the clien­t’s com­ments in mind. All of my cus­tom pet por­traits are start­ed with this premise; you, as the client, get to OK the sketch before I start on the final (the stitching).

I sketch with an Apple Pen­cil on an iPad using the Pro­cre­ate app, so most changes are pret­ty quick.

Digital Pet Portrait by Brown Paper Stitch

Tweaks are often in the shape of the face, like in this pug portrait.

I like to do this for a cou­ple of rea­sons, but the biggest is that it gives you con­trol over the por­trait. After all, you know your pet bet­ter than I do! And it also ensures that when you receive the shirt or gar­ment, there won’t be any sur­pris­es with what it looks like. It’s peace of mind for you and me.

Want to get your pet stitched as a patch or on a gar­ment? Check out the cus­tom options in my Brown Paper Stitch shop