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Finsbury Square 1


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opening hours

  • Monday 11am -7pm
  • Tuesday 11am -7pm
  • Wednesday 11am -7pm
  • Thursday 11am -7pm
  • Friday 11am -7pm
  • Saturday closed
  • Sunday closed
  • half price sale starts half an hour before close
  • -
  • June Bank Holiday Hours
  • 2nd June closed
  • 3rd June closed
  • 4th June closed
  • 5th June closed

itsu Finsbury Square

When you want a calm respite from the busy streets of London to immerse yourself in a unique Asian-inspired dining experience, step into our Japanese restaurant in Finsbury Square. We serve sushi, salads, soups, noodle and rice pots, gyoza, bao ‘buns, and desserts freshly prepared in-store every day. Our ingredients are sustainable and ethically sourced, and our restaurant and takeaway carbon footprint is minimised with our eco-conscious approach.

Why the itsu experience is different

We recognise the beauty of our fresh produce, and we allow their natural goodness to do the impressing. Our salmon is from the crystal clear waters of Norwegian fjords and rivers of Scotland and is delivered to us every day on ice and never frozen. Once in our kitchen, these pristine catches are deftly prepared by our fish ‘pros with first-rate sashimi training. Attention to detail is their strength. Rice ‘pros at our sushi restaurant Finsbury Square cook rice to a degree-specific temperature in Suzumo cookers [over 90c to 4.5pH level]. We have chosen whole-grain brown rice grown and milled in Spain for its fibre-rich, nutty textured qualities.

We cover a diversity of flavours, colours, and textures in our rice and noodle pots. The seasonal veggies are always steamed and never fried. Our chicken has locked-in natural flavour as they come from well being-assured farms in the UK and are fresh and never frozen. Our soy sauce and miso paste are traditionally prepared with authentic ingredients by an artisanal master brewer from Japan. Order your Japanese takeaway from Finsbury Square to enjoy beautifully made boxes and sushi party platters.