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Say Hello to Eight Lil’ Kitties and One Perky Pug [Brown Paper Stitch Dispatch]

Custom pet portrait embroidery by Sar Barnes, Brown Paper Stitch

This article is brought to you by Brown Paper Stitch, my business that makes your wardrobe pawesome by embroidering your pets on clothing.

I did­n’t do a lot of stitch­ing this past week. Save for fin­ish­ing a den­im jack­et fea­tur­ing a beau­ti­ful kit­ty, I was in plan­ning mode; I sketched for three cus­tom pet por­trait shirts and a cus­tom pet por­trait patch.

Siamese Kitty on a Denim Jacket

Cat embroidery accompanied by a digital sketch on an iPad

This is the first col­lar I’ve ever stitched in which one of the ani­mals had their eyes closed. But I think it adds some nice calm to this den­im jack­et. And by the way—the stitch­ing on this jack­et was so hard to sew through. I had to use a pair of pli­ers in order to pull the need through the seam­ing.  It turned out to be a new-to-me embroi­dery hack!

Custom cat embroidery


Sketching, Sketching, and More Sketching

Digital sketches of cats on shirts

Sketch­ing might sound quick and easy, but it is often the most labo­ri­ous part of what I do (not that I’m com­plain­ing!). Using my iPad and the Pro­cre­ate app, I cre­ate detailed draw­ings of your pets—down to the whiskers and ear hair. The sketch is then sent to you for approval, and you act as the art direc­tor. Is the col­or off? Are the eyes too close togeth­er? You know your pet bet­ter than any­one. We go back and forth about the sketch until it’s per­fect, and then I get to work stitching.

Embroidery of a pug and a digital sketch of a pug on an iPad

So stitch­ing is where I’m at now. There’s a point in each embroi­dery where it does­n’t look like much, and each of the cus­tom pieces is at that point.

Are you think­ing about gift­ing a cus­tom pet por­trait for the hol­i­days? If so, don’t delay! My lead time is between three and four weeks, and I won’t be tak­ing com­mis­sions start­ing at the begin­ning of December.