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sustainability milestones

we nurture itsu for tomorrow, anxiously mindful of the health & wellbeing of our customers, staff & fragile planet. with your support, we’ve achieved huge milestones in our sustainability journey.

we’re excited to share a handful of our favourites with you…

recyclable pots

November 2021
we swapped our old pots for new 100% recyclable ones [please remember to peel off the card sleeve]

foil lids

November 2021
we swapped the recyclable plastic lids on our noodle cups & pots to new foil lids

reducing plastic packaging

August 2021
moving all of our gyoza packs to 100% recyclable packaging

paper dipping pots

June 2021
we removed plastic dipping pots from all of our sushi boxes and replaced them with a 100% renewable paper dipping pots

Rainforest Alliance

April 2021
we source the cocoa in our rice cakes from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, meaning it is grown using more sustainable farming practices


April 2020
our unsold [grocery] products are redistributed through FareShare’s network of frontline charities, reducing food waste and helping vulnerable people across the UK

wooden cutlery

March 2020
our new biodegradable & FSC certified wooden cutlery will replace 30 tonnes of plastic a year

pink lids

March 2020
replaced the black lids (not detected at recycling facilities) on our rice'noodles with pink lids which are widely recycled

removing plastic wrapper

March 2020
removed plastic wrapper around our itsu [grocery] rice'noodles nests

Meatless Meatballs

Feb 2020
in partnership with Meatless Farm we launch our new Asian-inspired meatless meatballs, our best ever plant-based rice’bowl

logistics & transport

Jan 2020
optimising our itsu [grocery] supply chain to be eco-friendly e.g. only sending full containers

reducing plastic packaging

Dec 2019
removed the plastic packaging component from our itsu [grocery] frozen noodles & gyoza meal for 2

recyclable spork

Nov 2019
we offer our pink spork which is 100% recyclable and has removed around 10 tonnes of unrecyclable plastic per year

better chicken commitment

Oct 2019
we've committed to working towards even higher welfare standards

thinner plastic lids

Sept 2019
saving 60 tonnes of plastic a year, moving to 62% recyclable content & a widely recycled material

paperless receipts

Aug 2019
saving trees & reducing the amount of BPA & BPS chemicals in the environment

recycling bin trial

July 2019
we designed bespoke recycle bin lids for accurate recycling & a trial launches in shops

refill flask

June 2019
launched our aluminium refill flask for £1.99, the most cost effective on the high street & every bottle sold we make a donation to the Blue Marine Foundation

healthier sushi

May 2019
signed off a reduction in sushi vinegar in our rice, reducing salt & sugar in our sushi rice by 16%

saving napkins

May 2019
we moved to a new napkin dispenser, reducing napkin usage by 35%

recycled & biodegradable napkins

May 2019
we moved all napkins to 100% recycled & biodegradable paper

spoon for life

May 2019
metal spoons are now being sold across our shops at the exact price they cost us

removing plastic

May 2019
removed the plastic window from our itsu [grocery] meal'kits packaging

hot food bowls

May 2019
serving hot food in bowls to customers eating in after 5pm in 58 shops, trialling all day in 4 shops

recycling bin trial

April 2019
Lee-Chie starts trialling recycling bins with different signage to explain what can & cannot go inside

recycling statements

March 2019
signed up to On-Pack Recycling Label [OPRL] scheme & added clear recycling statements to our itsu [grocery] packaging

supply chain

Feb 2019
launched with Authenticate, a system that measures impact across the entire supply chain

wrap packaging

Jan 2019
moved our wraps to a paper packaging saving 6 tonnes of plastic a year

nutritional system

Nov 2018
a new system, allowing us to better understand & improve the nutritional benefits of our food

removed knives

Sept 2018
removed our plastic knife completely saving 4.2 tonnes of plastic every year

sustainability no.1

Aug 2018
Tom takes over the sourcing & supply chain team, putting sustainability at the top of all meetings

energy audit

June 2018
within months we launch air conditioning timers that reduced energy by 15% in 2018

PEFC card pots

June 2018
hot food pots are PEFC card, meaning we use only certified sources & the trees used are replaced

paper delivery box

June 2018
responsible sourcing & a new thermal bag with 8.4 tonnes of composite paper recyclable

thinner bags

May 2018
we launch a thinner, responsibly sourced paper bag saving a huge 21 tonnes of plastic a year

paper straws

April 2018
we removed single use plastic straws. Now paper, we save 5 million plastic straws a year

never air freighting

Jan 2018
unless as a last resort, only shipping our ingredients by sea from Japan, Korea & Vietnam

recyclable noodle cups

Jan 2018
updated the itsu [grocery] packaging so that the cup & cardboard can be recycled

no plastic sporks in noodle cups

Jan 2017
removed the plastic sporks from our itsu [grocery] noodles cups & pots

plastic bags

Oct 2015
we remove all single use plastic bags from the business from all stores

reducing waste

Jan 2012
we reduced food waste by launching a half price sale in every itsu, every day