The Stitch

Soothe Your Soul With This Embroidery Thread Organized Neatly

Do you love a newslet­ter? For the past many months, I’ve been send­ing my newslet­ter, The Stitch, on a week­ly basis. Each edi­tion of it fea­tures embroi­dery and fiber art that I can’t get enough of. (Sub­scribe here!) The newslet­ters often revolve around a loose theme, one of which was about thread—specif­i­cal­ly thread with an orga­ni­za­tion­al flair.

Like many of us, I sus­pect, I am com­fort­ed by things orga­nized neat­ly. Embroi­dery floss is one of my favorite things to see metic­u­lous­ly arranged in stor­age bins and on clothes­pins. It’s aspi­ra­tional but also feels attain­able. Plus, it’s always inter­est­ing to see how peo­ple choose to group the hues of thread. I am some­one who orga­nizes my thread by the DMC floss num­ber, while oth­ers pre­fer to pair sim­i­lar hues togeth­er, no mat­ter how far apart they are in numbers.

Scroll down for some soothing photos of thread organized neatly.