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Download a FREE Embroidery Pattern Inspired by Kitties and Calathea Plants

Cat downloadable hand embroidery pattern

Are you itch­ing for some new embroi­dery? (Who isn’t?) Well, look no fur­ther as I’ve cre­at­ed a down­load­able embroi­dery pat­tern called Calathea Kit­ty that’s free when you sub­scribe to my (new) email newslet­ter! I won’t spam you, and you’ll learn more about me and see some inspir­ing embroi­dery, too.

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This pat­tern fea­tures a tuxe­do kit­ty, but feel free to mod­el it after your own favorite cat. The pat­tern itself only uses three types of stitch­es that are all suit­able for any embroi­der­er. That being said, my instruc­tions do not go over how to do these stitch­es (but I do offer resources to learn!). I focus on how to trans­fer the pat­tern to your fab­ric as well as the DMC thread used and where you’ll place the stitches. ⁣

Before you start stitch­ing the pat­tern, check out my list of embroi­dery sup­plies that are must-haves for your craft stash.

I’d love to see your progress! Share your work in progress and fin­ished pieces using the hash­tag #BPStitchDIY and tag me with @brwnpaperbag_stitch.

Cat downloadable hand embroidery patternCat downloadable hand embroidery pattern